Whats in your bagpack

Jannes & Jari's playground explorer kit.

We love exploring Berlin's playgrounds and often we just get lost for the whole day in some of the remote areas of Berlin. So it's essential to pack properly. Here you get a glimpse into what we have in our backpack. The product links are connected to our Amazon affiliate account - any profit will go towards the hosting of this website 😉


Playground trips are so much better if you can establish a little homebase for picnics and breaks. Jari's grandma gave us this amazing & giant 2x2m picnic blanket many years ago - and we still bring it to every playground trip.

For these breaks it's also great to have a few calm activities. We love to bring the UNO card game, as it's super light to pack and fun also for adults. It's also great to bring a sketch book and a pencil case. Jari sometimes even draws the playgrounds. For myself I really like to bring this great extra battery, as taking pictures easily depletes my phone. You can easily charge your phone 4x with it and even connect 2 phones at the same time.

Jari and I often accidentally end up at some lakes or water playgrounds. So it's always great to just bring towels. These super light travel towels don't weigh anything but still work perfectly and are comfortable. We always bring them during the summer.


There is so many public ping pong tables in Berlin! And a basic set is cheap and much easier to carry than a football or many other outdoor sports equipment. That's why we almost always bring a ping pong set.

We love comic books and we love the Hilda series! The theming fits perfectly for any outdoor adventure or camping trips. And if you do your playground visits in Berlin right, it will feel more as an outdoor adventure than a day in the city 😉

Another book we can really recommend to accompany you on your playground travel adventures is Journey.


Scooters are amazing to get around with children in Berlin. We love them because they are easy to carry on tram and S-Bahn. Jari this Micro scooter for Christmas, and it's perfect as it also carries both me & Jari at the same time. Recently we also got this slightly larger Scooter at a flea-market and couldn't be happier with it.

When we go further into the forests, we like to go by bike. I can really recommend to invest in a light bike (many kids bikes in Germany are just to heavy). Jari has a Woom 3 bike, which we recommended to many friends already. And Christopher from Berlin made this great website collecting all the manufacturers that product light kids bikes.

Jari also loves super hero's, especially Spiderman and Batman. One day our Kita bought these very simple costumes - the masks are made from felt, which is much more comfortable to wear that the usual plastic masks. This set of 4 costumes only cost ca 20 € and they are super light to carry. For the kids it adds this extra layer of story telling to any playground (or museum :D)

By the way... the Berlin museums have this nice 25€ basic annual membership ticket - and kids are free admission until 18 years old! The 25€ ticket is limited t certain hours, but worked really well for us for museum visits after Kita and even on the weekend.