Autumn is here, and with it comes the grey and wet season of Berlin. It’s still an amazing city, but city trip with kids can get boring for the little people.

There is many great indoor attractions in Berlin. However of course there is also a lot of overpriced tourists traps. Especially around Alexanderplatz & Potsdamer Platz they gathered a bunch of annoying places that cost a lot. Unfortunately those places have a lot of marketing budget and you will see them everywhere.

So we wanted to help visitors to avoid these places.

How we identified the worst rated tourist attractions for kids? We compared all ratings from Google, Yelp, Foursquare and Facebook for each place to calculate a overall rating.

So here it goes: our top / bottom 5 family attractions to avoid in Berlin:

Lego Discovery Center

This place has almost the worst ratings of all family places in Berlin. An average rating of  ★3.30  might not seem too bad at first glance, but keep in mind that the ratings start at 1.0 and not 0.0. Also when we analysed the written reviews, only places that actually scam visitors or that are dirty rate worse than Legoland in Berlin. We chose this place at the top of our list, as it is so heavily advertised to tourists and families in Berlin.


Aquadom & Sealife

Aquadom & Sealife has an average rating of  ★3.62  stars. Not much better than Legoland. Both places are placed in areas with many tourists. So I would consider them both as obvious tourist traps. They might not be bad per se, but are highly overpriced and crowded, which results in the negative experience for visitors. Sealife is also very heavily advertised to tourists and families in Berlin – please avoid.


Kids Party Games – Indoor Spielplatz

This playground in Moabit is the worst reviewed indoor playground in Berlin with a rating of  ★3.15  which also makes it the 2nd worst reviewed place of all children’s activities in Berlin 😀 Indoor playgrounds in Berlin generally are not very well received. Jolos Kinderwelt, Dockx, Tommy’s Tobewelt all have similar bad ratings. Only the Veltinchen Indoor playground has very positive ratings – and that one is technically speaking not even in Berlin.

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Bouldering can be a lot of fun with the older kids. But this particular place should better be avoided. It’s the worst reviewed bouldering hall in Berlin with a rating of  ★3.43  but don’t worry, we found 11 other bouldering places in Berlin, and they all have very positive reviews!

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Waterpark: Blu Potsdam

Nice swimming pools and water parks are hard to find in Berlin. You normally have to travel 1h by car to reach something acceptable. Blu Potsdam just opened in 2017 and already is collecting negative reviews. It’s the worst reviewed water park in and around Berlin. Overpriced, dirty and crowded. ★3.00  is an even worse rating than the unpopular indoor playgrounds in Berlin and the worst rated place we have in our list of almost 100 places for families in children in Berlin.


cover photo by Victoria Palacios on Unsplash

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    Thanks for sharing this informative article. My sister has planned a trip to Berlin so I would love to share your article so that she can skip these places and visit other beautiful attractions over there and need not worry about the budget. Keep posting such helpful articles.