Berlin is huge. Berlin has to offer so much for families and children. It’s impossible for Jari & me to map and photograph all playgrounds ourselves. So please get in contact if you would like to help!

How you can contribute:

  • tell us about playgrounds we have missed
  • take photos of playgrounds we don’t have yet on our site
  • tell other people about our website

Here is a link to map with playgrounds that look really promising, but that we haven’t been to yet:


Districts where we need your help:

The most Help we need in areas that are far away for us. Steglitz, Dahlem, Mariendorf, Tempelhof, Spandau etc…

Contributors – Your name & link on our site:

If you like I can mention your name, and link to website or Instagram on the playgrounds you have sent in. If you send us a lot of playgrounds from a specific area I can also make you official ‘godparent’ of that district, and you can create a Top 10 list for that area with your name on it. We are also open for any other ideas that make contribution interesting for you 😉


Winter is coming – lets find the best indoor playground together:

  • we are also planning to map indoor playgrounds, any recommendations?
  • take photos of the best indoor playgrounds and send them to us.

Thanks so much & Looking forward to meet you.

Jannes & Jari