We are Jannes and Jari. Jari was 4 years old when we started (born 2013) and Jannes has been an urban explorer all his life. Together we started to explore Berlin’s playgrounds and were amazed by the variety and creativity! So we started to list of the best places to play.



At the moment we are doing this whole website mostly by ourselves in our free time. And to be honest, Jari is not a lot of help 😀 This project is also non profit, we don’t make any money with it. So we are always looking for help:

  • Technical help with WordPress
  • Tipps & recommendations about places & playgrounds
  • Photos of amazing playgrounds
  • Get the word out there, so Berlin Families know about us and Berlin’s amazing playgrounds

So just send us an email if you want to contribute: jannes@berlin-playgrounds.de


Thanks Lisa for photographing a lot of playground in Lichtenberg for us!



we really like working with you! our mission is to help families in Berlin find these amazing playgrounds, so we are also happy to share content with you and help you write articles. please get in Touch: jannes@berlin-playgrounds.de

Raum fĂŒr KindertrĂ€ume helped us find the amazing playgrounds they have build in Spandau. thank you!

Mit VergnĂŒgen were the first to talk about us, thanks so much!

Spreeradio was so nice to talk about us and explain the project to their listeners

We worked together with Exberliner to make a playground guide for their Insider Tips section

We worked with Kindaling to add the top 15 playgrounds to their awesome family & event guide to Berlin

We worked with Berta from Walk-this-Way to add a playground section to her guides of Neukölln and Kreuzberg.

Kraftfuttermischwerk wrote a lovely litte article about us, with a nice selection of our Instagram photos – thank you!



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If you want to support us pay the bills (server hosting, wordpress plugins & themes etc…) you can do so on Patreon a service similar to Kickstarter https://www.patreon.com/playberlin



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