Berlin is an amazing place to travel to as a family. But most city guides focus on commercial places and standard tourist sightseeing. We want to show you an alternative Berlin:

Exciting free outdoor adventures in Berlin reachable by bike and public transport!

This is why we started this new section: “Playground Tours”. We will collect some of the best day trips in and around Berlin. Of course always with some of the most exciting playgrounds as part of the trip. We will insert recommendations for sightseeing, nice cafes or other attractions on the way.


Tour 1: Gärten der Welt Berlin

Gärten der Welt lies in the middle of Marzahn-Hellersdorf, a district with a bad reputation. But there are actually many things to explore here, great playgrounds – Berlin’s craziest slide and many other nice places. So our tour crosses Gärten der Welt, but will also show you some other highlights in this area.

ca 4.5 km / 60 min / 5 playgrounds

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Tour 2: Charlottenburg Castle

Charlottenburgs Castle is attached to a beautiful big park with some great playgrounds and lots of water.

ca 3.2 km / 40 min / 3 playgrounds & 1 castle

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Tour 3: Beautiful Lake Tegel

Lake Tegel, is a great place to easily escape the city for a day. Tegel harbor is full of life and you can venture out into the deep forrest of Tegler Forst.

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